You are looking at some fluffs.

Hello, Fluffs!

Fluffs were the first adoptable web pets I remember seeing when trawling Geocities in the 90's. People collected them, they gave them names and personalities. Fluffs were their homepage mascots, and they were everywhere. Then one day they were gone - poof! The fluffpocalypse was upon us.

There were hundreds (probably thousands) of adoptables gracing the pages of the early web, but fluffs are the ones I remember most fondly. They were created by a mysterious person called "Joanne". I say mysterious because their once (obviously) glorious webpage does not exist in the Internet Archive. Sad.


Join the rescue effort!

These poor fluffs are no longer carefree baby-floofs. After being adopted into loving web homes, they were left to rot in the rusting gears of the Wayback Machine. They're in their mid-twenties now. They're getting jaded, and they need your help. It's time to welcome the fluffs back.

I rescued the happy little dudes you see here from a myriad of broken, adandoned webpages (if you want to see their former homes, just click on their names). I urge you to join the rescue effort and do the same! If you find a fluff on your own retro-web travels, stuffed down the side of an armchair at, or discarded beneath a dusty bed over at GifCities, please consider offering them a new home. If you do, you can rest easy knowing you have done your part to fight the fluffpocalypse, and you may tell the world of your valour with one of these super cool buttons:

<a href=""><img src=""></a>

Addendum: Someone already tried to rescue some deserving fluffs back in 1999, and then their page disappeared, too. The net can be a lawless place.

The Rescue Barn will be rescuing more abandoned web critters soon!

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