10/12/21 - I rearranged the furniture around here a little bit and uploaded a spanky new About Me page. I tried to make it look like the desktop of an Atari ST (which I owned when I was a kid) but I don't know how successful I was. It was fun trying, anyway! There's also guaranteed cat photos, woo!

05/10/21 - Added some new links and made friends with two little breakfast jellies who have come to live on my page. You're never too adult for web pets (or if you are, I don't care!) I've also joined some webrings, yay!

29/09/21 - Updated the Resources page. There's fancy tiled backgrounds now, and some gifs! Feel free to use anything you'd like.

08/09/21 - I'm back! And I might have gone overboard on the gifs...

20/11/20 - I have a cat. His name is Jareth.

19/11/20 - Finally happy-ish with this project... folly... procrastination device? Why am I here again?? Anyway, I have a layout and some fancy links. Also, I now know far more about css than I ever did before (which isn't much, but still...)

I am the TurtleWitch. This is my lair. I'm just over here loving old gifs and generally indulging in some top notch retro-web shenanigans, don't mind me.

Please make yourself at home, and maybe think about giving my rescued critters a visit. The little buggers are getting angsty.

This dancing baby has been included ironically... I think.


Current Random Thought: Ryan Reynolds has starred in some truly terrible movies (or eye-gougers, as I will now refer to them), and I think alot of people forget that. Deadpool's cool though.

Current Favourite Thing: The beautiful bottle of vintage cider currently sitting on a shelf in Lidl waiting for me to come and buy it (and then drink it, obvs).



Breakfast Jelly

Breakfast Jelly
Hatch your own creature at Doko Demo!

Please invite Jared inside for a nice cup of tea...

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